Knight Air

Knight Air knights of the virtual airways

DL/A (Cost Shared) £10/aircraft -1,433,177.40
Catering Services -481,539.00
Airport Handling -88,098.46
Fuel -1,207,223.10
Insurance -56,814.09
Cabin Crew -42,261.87
Engineering Services -145,857.05
Corporation Tax -2,048.41
Administration -526.90
Navigation -36,900.00
In-Flight Sales 1,284,104.00
Shares 147.00
Premium Fares 16,083.11
Baggage Fee 124,382.40
Partner Promotion 1,617.16
Cargo in regular routes 14,916,996.00
PAX in regular routes 5,775,841.00
DC3 M-RAFC Douglas DC3 M-RAFC 0.00
DC3 M-BAEA Douglas DC3 M-BAEA 0.00
E120 M-KNTI Embraer EMB120 M-KNTI 0.00
E120 M-KNTJ Embraer EMB120 M-KNTJ 0.00
E120 M-KNTK Embraer EMB120 M-KNTK 0.00
E120 M-KNTL Embraer EMB120 M-KNTL 0.00
A320 G-KTAH Airbus A320-200 G-KTAH 0.00
A320 G-KNTC Airbus A320-200 G-KNTC 0.00
A320 G-KNTF Airbus A320-200 G-KNTF 0.00
A320 G-KNTG Airbus A320-200 G-KNTG 0.00
A320 G-KNTI Airbus A320-200 G-KNTI 0.00
A312 M-RAFA Airbus A310-300 M-RAFA 0.00
A312 M-RAFB Airbus A310-300 M-RAFB 0.00
A312 G-KNTK Airbus A310-300 G-KNTK 0.00
A312 G-KNTL Airbus A310-300 G-KNTL 0.00
A313 G-KNTO Airbus A310-300 G-KNTO 0.00
B733 G-KNTH Boeing B737-300 G-KNTH 0.00
B733 EI-KTA Boeing B737-300 EI-KTA 0.00
B733 EI-KTB Boeing B737-300 EI-KTB 0.00
B350 M-KNTA Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KNTA 0.00
B350 M-KNTB Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KNTB 0.00
B350 M-KNTC Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KNTC 0.00
B738 G-KNTM Boeing B737-800 G-KNTM 0.00
B738 G-KNTN Boeing B737-800 G-KNTN 0.00
B738 G-KTAF Boeing B737-800 G-KTAF 0.00
B752 G-KAPB Boeing B757-200 G-KAPB 0.00
B752 G-KTCP Boeing B757-200 G-KTCP 0.00
B752 G-KTCQ Boeing B757-200 G-KTCQ 0.00
B752 G-KNTP Boeing B757-200 G-KNTP 0.00
B752 G-KNTQ Boeing B757-200 G-KNTQ 0.00
B752 G-KNTR Boeing B757-200 G-KNTR 0.00
B752 G-KNTS Boeing B757-200 G-KNTS 0.00
B752 G-KNTT Boeing B757-200 G-KNTT 0.00
B752 G-KNTS Boeing B757-200 G-KNTU 0.00
B752 G-KNTU Boeing B757-200 G-KNTU 0.00
B744 G-BNLI Boeing B747-400 G-BNLI 0.00
B744 G-KNTB Boeing B747-400 G-KNTB 0.00
B744 G-KNTV Boeing B747-400 G-KNTV 0.00
B744 G-KNTW Boeing B747-400 G-KNTW 0.00
B744 G-KNTX Boeing B747-400 G-KNTX 0.00
B744 G-KNTY Boeing B747-400 G-KNTY 0.00
B744 G-KNTZ Boeing B747-400 G-KNTZ 0.00
B744 G-KTAC Boeing B747-400 G-KTAC 0.00
B744 G-KTAD Boeing B747-400 G-KTAD 0.00
B744 G-KTAG Boeing B747-400 G-KTAG 0.00
B744 G-KTAI Boeing B747-400 G-KTAI 0.00
B744 G-KTAJ Boeing B747-400 G-KTAJ 0.00
B744 G-KTAK Boeing B747-400 G-KTAK 0.00
B744 G-KTAL Boeing B747-400 G-KTAL 0.00
B744 G-KTAM Boeing B747-400 G-KTAM 0.00
B744 G-KTAN Boeing B747-400 G-KTAN 0.00
B744 G-KTAO Boeing B757-200 G-KTAO 0.00
B752 G-KTAP Boeing B747-400 G-KTAP 0.00
B744 G-KTAQ Boeing B747-400 G-KTAQ 0.00
B744 G-KTAR Boeing B747-400 G-KTAR 0.00
B744 G-KTAS Boeing B747-400 G-KTAS 0.00
B744 G-KTAS Boeing B747-400 G-KTAS 0.00
B744 G-KTAT Boeing B747-400 G-KTAT 0.00
B744 G-KTAU Boeing B747-400 G-KTAU 0.00
B744 G-KTAV Boeing B747-400 G-KTAV 0.00
B744 G-KTAW Boeing B747-400 G-KTAW 0.00
B744 G-KTAX Boeing B747-400 G-KTAX 0.00
B744 G-KTAY Boeing B747-400 G-KTAY 0.00
B744 G-KTAZ Boeing B747-400 G-KTAZ 0.00
B744 G-KTBA Boeing B747-400 G-KTBA 0.00
B744 G-KTBB Boeing B747-400 G-KTBB 0.00
B744 G-KTBC Boeing B747-400 G-KTBC 0.00
B744 G-KTBD Boeing B747-400 G-KTBD 0.00
B744 G-KTBE Boeing B747-400 G-KTBE 0.00
B744 G-KTBF Boeing B747-400 G-KTBF 0.00
B744 G-KTBG Boeing B747-400 G-KTBG 0.00
B744 G-KTBH Boeing B747-400 G-KTBH 0.00
B744 G-KTBI Boeing B747-400 G-KTBI 0.00
B744 G-KTBJ Boeing B747-400 G-KTBJ 0.00
B744 G-KTBK Boeing B747-400 G-KTBK 0.00
B744 G-KTBL Boeing B747-400 G-KTBL 0.00
B744 G-KTBM Boeing B747-400 G-KTBM 0.00
B744 G-KTBN Boeing B747-400 G-KTBN 0.00
B744 G-KTBO Boeing B747-400 G-KTBO 0.00
B744 G-KTBP Boeing B747-400 G-KTBP 0.00
B744 G-KTBQ Boeing B747-400 G-KTBQ 0.00
B744 G-KTBR Boeing B747-400 G-KTBR 0.00
B744 G-KTBS Boeing B747-400 G-KTBS 0.00
B744 G-KTBT Boeing B747-400 G-KTBT 0.00
B744 G-KTBU Boeing B747-400 G-KTBU 0.00
B744 G-KTBV Boeing B747-400 G-KTBV 0.00
B744 G-KTBW Boeing B747-400 G-KTBW 0.00
B744 G-KTBX Boeing B747-400 - G-KTBX 0.00
B744 G-KTBY Boeing B747-400 G-KTBY 0.00
B744 G-KTBZ Boeing B747-400 G-KTBZ 0.00
C172 M-KNTF Cessna C172 M-KNTF -206,487.00
C172 M-KNTN Cessna C172 M-KNTN -206,487.00
A313 M-SPRT Airbus A310-300 M-SPRT 0.00
A320 D-KNTA Airbus A320-200 D-KNTA 0.00
A320 D-KNTB Airbus A320-200 D-KNTB 0.00
A320 D-KNTD Airbus A320-200 D-KNTD 0.00
A320 D-KNTE Airbus A320-200 D-KNTE 0.00
A320 D-KNTF Airbus A320-200 D-KNTF 0.00
A320 D-KNTG Airbus A320-200 D-KNTG 0.00
A320 D-KNTH Airbus A320-200 D-KNTH 0.00
C208 M-KNTE Cessna C208B 0.00
C208 G-KTCR Cessna C208B G-KTCR 0.00
C208 G-KTCS Cessna 208B G-KTCS 0.00
SST G-KTAE BAC Concorde G-KTAE 0.00
SST G-KTCT BAC Concorde G-KTCT 0.00
SST G-KCTU BAC Concorde G-KTCU 0.00
SST G-KCTV BAC Concorde G-KTCV 0.00
SST G-KTCW BAC Concorde G-KTCW 0.00
SST G-KTCX BAC Concorde G-KTCX 0.00
E120 G-KNTE Embraer EMB120 G-KNTE 0.00
E120 G-KTCY Embraer EMB120 G-KTCY 0.00
E120 G-KTCZ Embraer EMB120 G-KTCZ 0.00
E120 G-KTDA Embraer EMB120 G-KTDA 0.00
B738 G-KTDB Boeing B737-800 G-KTDB 0.00
B738 G-KTDC Boeing B737-800 G-KTDC 0.00
B738 G-KTDD Boeing B737-800 G-KTDD 0.00
B738 G-KTDE Boeing B737-800 G-KTDE 0.00
B738 G-KTDF Boeing B737-800 G-KTDF 0.00
B738 G-KTDG Boeing B737-800 G-KTDG 0.00
B738 G-KTDH Boeing B737-800 G-KTDH 0.00
E120 G-KTDI Embraer EMB120 G-KTDI 0.00
E120 G-KTDJ Embraer EMB120 G-KTDJ 0.00
E120 G-KTDK Embraer EMB120 G-KTDK 0.00
DC10F G-KTDL McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDL 0.00
DC10F G-KTDM McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDM 0.00
DC10F G-KTDN McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDN 0.00
DC10F G-KTDO McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDO 0.00
DC10F G-KTDP McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDP 0.00
DC10F G-KTDQ McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDQ 0.00
DC10F G-KTDR McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDR 0.00
CRJ2 G-KTDS Bombardier CRJ200 G-KTDS 0.00
CRJ2 G-KNTJ Bombardier CRJ200 G-KNTJ 0.00
CRJ2 G-KTDT Bombardier CRJ200 G-KTDT 0.00
CRJ2 G-KTDU Bombardier CRJ200 G-KTDU 0.00
DH8 G-KNTX DeHavilland Dash 8Q400 G-KNTX 0.00
DH8 G-KNTY DeHavilland Dash 8Q400 G-KNTY 0.00
DH8 G-KTDV DeHavilland Dash 8Q400 G-KTDV 0.00
B752 G-KTDW Boeing B757-200 G-KTDW 0.00
B752 G-KTDX Boeing B757-200 G-KTDX 0.00
B752 G-KTDY Boeing B757-200 G-KTDY 0.00
B752 G-KTDZ Boeing B757-200 G-KTDZ 0.00
B752 G-KTEA Boeing B757-200 G-KTEA 0.00
B752 G-KTEB Boeing B757-200 G-KTEB 0.00
B773 G-KTEC Boeing B777-300 G-KTEC 0.00
B773 G-KTED Boeing B777-300 G-KTED 0.00
B773 G-KTEE Boeing B777-300 G-KTEE 0.00
B773 G-KTEF Boeing B777-300 G-KTEF 0.00
B773 G-KTEG Boeing B777-300 G-KTEG 0.00
B773 G-KTEH Boeing B777-300 G-KTEH 0.00
B773 G-KTEI Boeing B777-300 G-KTEI 0.00
B773 G-KTEJ Boeing B777-300 G-KTEJ 0.00
B773 G-KTEK Boeing B777-300 G-KTEK 0.00
B773 G-KTEL Boeing B777-300 G-KTEL 0.00
B773 G-KTEM Boeing B777-300 G-KTEM 0.00
B773 G-KTEN Boeing B777-300 G-KTEN 0.00
B773 G-KTEO Boeing B777-300 G-KTEO 0.00
B773 G-KTEP Boeing B777-300 G-KTEP 0.00
B773 G-KTEQ Boeing B777-300 G-KTEQ 0.00
B773 G-KTER Boeing B777-300 G-KTER 0.00
B773 G-KTES Boeing B777-300 G-KTES 0.00
B773 G-KTET Boeing B777-300 G-KTEC 0.00
B773 G-KTEU Boeing B777-300 G-KTEU 0.00
B773 D-KNTI Boeing B777-300 D-KNTI 0.00
B773 D-KNTJ Boeing B777-300 D-KNTJ 0.00
B773 D-KNTK Boeing B777-300 D-KNTK 0.00
B773 D-KNTL Boeing B777-300 D-KNTL 0.00
B773 D-KNTM Boeing B777-300 D-KNTM 0.00
B773 D-KNTN Boeing B777-300 D-KNTN 0.00
B773 D-KNTO Boeing B777-300 D-KNTO 0.00
B773 D-KNTP Boeing B777-300 D-KNTP 0.00
A320 D-KNTQ Airbus A320-200 D-KNTQ 0.00
A320 D-KNTR Airbus A320-200 D-KNTR 0.00
A320 D-KNTS Airbus A320-200 D-KNTS 0.00
A320 D-KNTT Airbus A320-200 D-KNTT 0.00
A320 D-KNTU Airbus A320-200 D-KNTU 0.00
A320 D-KNTV Airbus A320-200 D-KNTV 0.00
A320 D-KNTW Airbus A320-200 D-KNTW 0.00
E120 D-KNTX Embraer EMB120 D-KNTX 0.00
E120 D-KNTY Embraer EMB120 D-KNTY 0.00
E120 D-KNTZ Embraer EMB120 D-KNTZ 0.00
B738 N100KA Boeing B737-800 N100KA 0.00
B752 N101KA Boeing B757-200 N101KA 0.00
B752 N102KA Boeing B757-200 N102KA 0.00
B752 N103KA Boeing B757-200 N103KA 0.00
B752 N104KA Boeing B757-200 N104KA 0.00
B752 N105KA Boeing B757-200 N105KA 0.00
B752 N106KA Boeing B757-200 N106KA 0.00
B752 N107KA Boeing B757-200 N107KA 0.00
B752 N107KA Boeing B757-200 N107KA 0.00
B752 N108KA Boeing B757-200 N108KA 0.00
B752 N109KA Boeing B757-200 N109KA 0.00
B752 N110KA Boeing B757-200 N110KA 0.00
B752 N111KA Boeing B757-200 N111KA 0.00
B738 N112KA Boeing B737-800 N112KA 0.00
B738 N113KA Boeing B737-800 N113KA 0.00
B738 N114KA Boeing B737-800 N114KA 0.00
B738 N115KA Boeing B737-800 N115KA 0.00
B738 N116KA Boeing B737-800 N116KA 0.00
B738 N117KA Boeing B737-800 N177KA 0.00
DH8 N118KA DeHavilland Dash 8Q400 N118KA 0.00
DH8 N119KA DeHavilland Dash 8Q400 N119KA 0.00
DH8 N120KA DeHavilland Dash 8Q400 N120KA 0.00
DH8 N121KA DeHavilland Dash 8Q400 N121KA 0.00
B773 N122KA Boeing B777-300 N122KA 0.00
B773 N123KA Boeing B777-300 N123KA 0.00
B773 N124KA Boeing B777-300 N124KA 0.00
B773 N125KA Boeing B777-300 N125KA 0.00
B773 N126KA Boeing B777-300 N126KA 0.00
B773 N127KA Boeing B777-300 N127KA 0.00
B773 N128KA Boeing B777-300 N128KA 0.00
B773 N129KA Boeing B777-300 N129KA 0.00
B773 N130KA Boeing B777-300 N130KA 0.00
B773 N131KA Boeing B777-300 N131KA 0.00
B773 N132KA Boeing B777-300 N132KA 0.00
B773 N133KA Boeing B777-300 N133KA 0.00
B773 N134KA Boeing B777-300 N134KA 0.00
B773 N135KA Boeing B777-300 N135KA 0.00
B773 N136KA Boeing B777-300 N136KA 0.00
B773 N137KA Boeing B777-300 N137KA 0.00
B773 N138KA Boeing B777-300 N138KA 0.00
B773 N139KA Boeing B777-300 N139KA 0.00
E120 N140KA Embraer EMB120 N140KA 0.00
E120 N141KA Embraer EMB120 N140KA 0.00
E120 N142KA Embraer EMB120 N142KA 0.00
A320 N143KA Airbus A320-200 N143KA 0.00
A320 N144KA Airbus A320-200 N144KA 0.00
A320 N145KA Airbus A320-200 N145KA 0.00
A320 N146KA Airbus A320-200 N146KA 0.00
A320 N147KA Airbus A320-200 N147KA 0.00
A320 N148KA Airbus A320-200 N148KA 0.00
A320 N149KA Airbus A320-200 N149KA 0.00
B744 N150KA Boeing B747-400 N150KA 0.00
B744 N151KA Boeing B747-400 N151KA 0.00
B744 N152KA Boeing B747-400 N152KA 0.00
B744 N153KA Boeing B747-400 N153KA 0.00
B744 N154KA Boeing B747-400 N154KA 0.00
B744 N155KA Boeing B747-400 N155KA 0.00
B744 N156KA Boeing B747-400 N156KA 0.00
B744 N157KA Boeing B747-400 N157KA 0.00
B744 N158KA Boeing B747-400 N158KA 0.00
B744 N159KA Boeing B747-400 N159KA 0.00
B744 N160KA Boeing B747-400 N160KA 0.00
B744 N161KA Boeing B747-400 N161KA 0.00
B744 N162KA Boeing B747-400 N162KA 0.00
B744 N163KA Boeing B747-400 N163KA 0.00
B744 N164KA Boeing B747-400 N164KA 0.00
B222 N158KA Bell 222 N158KA -446,764.00
B222 N165KA Bell 222 N165KA -446,764.00
B222 N166KA Bell 222 N166KA -446,764.00
SST N167KA BAC Concorde N167KA 0.00
SST N168KA BAC Concorde N168KA 0.00
SST N169KA BAC Concorde N169KA 0.00
DC10F N170KA McDonnell Douglas DC10F N170KA 0.00
DC10F N171KA McDonnell Douglas DC10F N171KA 0.00
DC10F N172KA McDonnell Douglas DC10F N172KA 0.00
DC10F N173KA McDonnell Douglas DC10F N173KA 0.00
DC10F N174KA McDonnell Douglas DC10F N174KA 0.00
DC10F N175KA McDonnell Douglas DC10F N175KA 0.00
DC10F N176KA McDonnell Douglas DC10F N176KA 0.00
E120 G-KTEX Embraer EMB120 G-KTEX 0.00
E120 G-KTEY Embraer EMB120 G-KTEY 0.00
A320 G-KTEZ Airbus A320-200 G-KTEZ 0.00
A320 G-KTFA Airbus A320-200 G-KTFA 0.00
A320 G-KTFB Airbus A320-200 G-KTFB 0.00
A320 G-KTFC Airbus A320-200 G-KTFC 0.00
A320 G-KTFD Airbus A320-200 G-KTFD 0.00
A320 G-KTFE Airbus A320-200 G-KTFE 0.00
A320 G-KTFF Airbus A320-200 G-KTFF 0.00
A320 G-KTFG Airbus A320-200 G-KTFG 0.00
A320 G-KTFG Airbus A320-200 G-KTFG 0.00
A320 G-KTFH Airbus A320-200 G-KTFH 0.00
B206 M-KNTR Bell 206B 0.00
B206 M-KNTS Bell 206B M-KNTS 0.00
B206 M-KNTT Bell 206B M-KNTT 0.00
B206 M-KNTU Bell 206B M-KNTU 0.00
RJ85 G-KTEV Avro RJ85 G-KTEV 0.00
RJ85 G-KTFI Avro RJ85 G-KTFI 0.00
RJ85 G-KTFJ Avro RJ85 G-KTFJ 0.00
RJ85 G-KTFK Avro RJ85 G-KTFK 0.00
RJ85 G-KTFL Avro RJ85 G-KTFL 0.00
RJ85 G-KTFM Avro RJ85 G-KTFM 0.00
RJ85 G-KTFN Avro RJ85 G-KTFN 0.00
RJ85 G-KTFO Avro RJ85 G-KTFO 0.00
RJ85 G-KTFP Avro RJ85 G-KTFP 0.00
RJ85 G-KTFQ Avro RJ85 G-KTFQ 0.00
RJ85 G-KTFR Avro RJ85 G-KTFR 0.00
BA11 G-KTHA BAC 1-11 400 G-KTHA 0.00
BA11 G-KTFS BAC 1-11 400 G-KTFS 0.00
BA11 G-KTFT BAC 1-11 400 G-KTFT 0.00
A320 G-KTFV Airbus A320-200 G-KTFV 0.00
A320 G-KTFU Airbus A320-200 G-KTFU 0.00
A320 G-KTVW Airbus A320-200 G-KTFW 0.00
A320 G-KTFX Airbus A320-200 G-KTFX 0.00
A320 G-KTFY Airbus A320-200 G-KTFY 0.00
A320 G-KTFZ Airbus A320-200 G-KTFZ 0.00
CRJ2 G-KTGA Bombardier CRJ200 G-KTGA 0.00
CRJ2 G-KTGB Bombardier CRJ200 G-KTGB 0.00
RJ85 G-KTGC Avro RJ85 G-KTGC 0.00
RJ85 G-KTGD Avro RJ85 G-KTGD 0.00
RJ85 G-KTGE Avro RJ85 G-KTGE 0.00
RJ85 G-KTGF Avro RJ85 G-KTGF 0.00
RJ85 G-KTGG Avro RJ85 G-KTGG 0.00
RJ85 G-KTGH Avro RJ85 G-KTGH 0.00
RJ85 G-KTGI Avro RJ85 G-KTGI 0.00
RJ85 G-KTGJ Avro RJ85 G-KTGJ 0.00
RJ85 G-KTGK Avro RJ85 G-KTGK 0.00
RJ85 G-KTGL Avro RJ85 G-KTGL 0.00
B206 M-KNTP Bell 206B M-KNTP 0.00
B206 M-KNTV Bell 206B M-KNTV 0.00
B206 M-KNTW Bell 206B M-KNTW 0.00
B350 M-KNTX Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KNTX 0.00
B350 M-KNTY Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KNTY 0.00
B350 M-KNTZ Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KNTZ 0.00
B350 M-KAAA Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KAAA 0.00
B350 M-KAAB Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KAAB 0.00
B350 M-KAAC Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KAAC 0.00
B350 M-KAAD Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KAAD 0.00
Pilots Flight Salary 14,053.65