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NOTAM : 1530z/18022024
Between the hours of 2000z 1st March and 0800z 2nd March, updates will be made to the fleet pages. During this time it is recommended that you do not attempt to start any flights. This update is a necessary part of the schedules update which will occur during the same period.
Andy K @ Sunday 18.Feb.2024 15.34
Newest Pilots
GBA5546 Bob M US 1 month ago
GBA5544 Richie H GB 10 months ago
KNT5543 Patrick C GB 1 year ago
KNT5542 Brian G GB 1 year ago
KTF5541 Connor B GB 1 year ago
Recent Reports
2359/CS/L2 EGNH EGSS G-CAKA (B350) 11 hours ago Richie H
5522 LFYG LFGO G-GBTE (C208) 1 day ago Ian M
3506/CS LIRP EGKK G-HBKA (A320) 3 days ago Andy K
3505/CS EGKK LIRP G-HBKA (A320) 3 days ago Andy K
2980/CL/L2 HEGN EGKK G-HBKA (A320) 4 days ago Andy K

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