Andy K - Tue, May 17, 2022 7:42 PM

Over the coming weeks we will be making substantial changes to our scheduled and charter flights. This will be conducted on a hub by hub approach starting with Leeds Bradford (EGNM/LBA) which has already seen updates to BE58 Beech Baron flights. This is to allow for the implementation of ad-hoc flight operations with both passenger and freight options. You may notice that a number of flights will not be available during this process but this will only be temporary and the update will see new flight destinations included. We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience this process may cause.
GBA5539 Matěj K
KNT5538 Glyn M
KNT5537 Paul j
KNT5536 Grant S
KNT5535 Roger H
GBA 92 LEMH  -  LOWI  G-KCAD (B350)
KTF 92 LZTT  -  LEMH  G-KCAD (B350)
GBA 1072 EGNM  -  LEPA  G-NCKA (CL60)
KNT 1105 EGPE  -  EGNM  G-AFKA (SF34)
KNT 1104 EGNM  -  EGPE  G-AFKA (SF34)