Newquay Update

Andy K - Sun, Jun 26, 2022 11:15 AM

A download is now available to update the ICAO code for Newquay for UK2000 VFR Scenery users (FSX and P3Dv4). To update the default scenery, go to the links section of the forum to obtain the latest AIRAC for either platform.
KTF5541 Connor B
GBA5539 Matěj K
KNT5538 Glyn M
KNT5537 Paul j
KNT5536 Grant S
KTF 1298 DAUI  -  EGNX  G-KACS (B75F)
KTF 1297 EGNX  -  DAUI  G-KACS (B75F)
KTF 1268 EDXW  -  EGNX  G-KACM (B462)
KTF 1267 EGNX  -  EDXW  G-KCAE (B462)
KTF 1214 EDBV  -  EGNX  G-KACQ (B350)