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We have been made aware of an error on starting vmsACARS which states the licence is invalid. There is no issue with the company set up or licence and we are waiting for a response from phpvms. Until this is resolved, please use manual pireps for flight reporting.
Andy K @ Saturday 02.Sep.2023 09.39
Newest Pilots
GBA5544 Richie H GB 7 months ago
KNT5543 Patrick C GB 10 months ago
KNT5542 Brian G GB 1 year ago
KTF5541 Connor B GB 1 year ago
KNT5538 Glyn M GB 1 year ago
Recent Reports
5093 LFRH LFRB G-AFKA (SF34) 1 week ago Gray B
3798/CS EGPB EGNH G-CAKA (B350) 3 weeks ago Grant S
3797/CS EGNH EGPB G-CCKA (B350) 3 weeks ago Grant S
3456/CS/L2 EGSH EGNH G-AAKA (BE58) 3 weeks ago Grant S
5093 LFRB LFRH F-KNTA (BE58) 3 weeks ago Gray B

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